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The Black Pearl Sails

PoTC fan fiction and fan art

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The Black Pearl Sails Fan Fiction Community
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Ahoy, mates ~

This be another anchorage for crew members and friends of The_Black_Pearl_Sails fan fiction group. A little cove on a secluded isle, if you will, where we can spread our loot out on the sand and admire it all shiney-like. There's no need to stand on ceremony, nor call to impress; we're all but humble pirates, here. Bring a song, a tale, a legend from far-away lands - and don't forget the rum!

Please Note: This is a non-slash community. Also, stories posted here should be rated no stronger than PG-17 or a soft R. That means please use conservative judgement when it comes to explicit, erotic scenes. We're grownups here, so don't make us moderate you. ;-) Thanks!

NOTE #2: Please bear in mind that we are a PoTC fan fiction archive. Thus, we ask that you do not make OT (non-PoTC) posts here, but rather keep the decks clear for the excellent PoTC fan fiction we're all here to enjoy. Merci!

For a true pirate cache of PoTC fiction riches, visit:

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