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Person: Pearlseed
Disclaimer: None some of mine a’tall
Rating: Easy on the goods
100 words times twice Summary: Happy Birthday, Miz geekmama and Miz djarum,my cyber penpals who have generally amazed and amused me. I was wondering why I thought I had this to do. Now I know. Love the Black Pearl Sails krewe, my ohana sisters. Elisabeth sitting alone at Tia Dalma’s after she arranged the introduction of Kraken to Jack. Just wanted to see if I still might be able to form a thought.

Tia Dalma’s tiny house overflowed, the swamp filled with silent mourners.
The stunned survivors explored their grief, mourning Jack, accepting what comfort there was.
Elisabeth’s pain embraced her, isolating her. Since that last sight of a tiny, distant dervish, a sudden bright flash of raised sword, driving forward as Jack attacked the Kraken, she hadn’t spoken or acknowledged her companions.

His loss consumed her, this impossible man who entered her life saving her, then complicated everything teaching her to consider what she desired most as he sought his own dreams.

Jack had been friend, teacher, confidante to her thinking. He might have proved a different partner if her heart hadn’t already chosen Will, His quiet voice, gently teasing or the rum sweet purr, rolling out slow and lush with suggestion filled her brain. When she kissed him…

Her world was emptiness now, Jack gone, one less human diminishing many. Elisabeth’s pain clutched her tighter, constricting each tortured breath. She craved relief but didn’t imagine there would ever be any for her. She believed Jack would devise an escape even facing the terrible beastie. Her miscalculation broke her heart and scuttled a good man, leaving the horizon devoid of joyous possibility.

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