just_a_dram (just_a_dram) wrote in blackpearlsails,

Challenge: Twist

Title: Twist
Rating: harmless
Drabble (tipping over 100 words), Jack, Elizabeth
Summary: Jack gave the looking-glass a twist.



He spun on his heel, arms flailing.  “My apologies.  I wasn’t told you were indisposed,” he lied, putting his back to her.

“Lecher,” Elizabeth cursed with a splash.

He reached for the gilded looking-glass on her dressing table.  “I could see a bony boy without as much fuss as you would make: be assured my back is turned.”

She made an irritated noise.  “Is this important?”

“Decidedly,” he vowed, as he twisted the glass just so.  One long white leg extended out of the tub, a foot on the rim; lovely, but he could see nothing else.  “Bugger.”


“I’ll see you above deck, Lizzie.”

“I thought it was important.”

He smiled, adjusting his belt.  “It was.”



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