April 19th, 2020


Comm info - just FYI :-)

Ahoy, mates ~

This be another anchorage for crew members and friends of The_Black_Pearl_Sails fan fiction group. A little cove on a secluded isle, if you will, where we can spread our loot out on the sand and admire it all shiney-like. There's no need to stand on ceremony, nor call to impress; we're all but humble pirates, here. Bring a song, a tale, a legend from far-away lands - and don't forget the rum!

Please Note: This is a non-slash community. Also, stories posted here should be rated no stronger than PG-17 or a soft R. That means please use conservative judgement when it comes to explicit, erotic scenes. Thanks!

For a true pirate cache of PoTC fiction riches, visit:

This is NOT aimed at any person or post! Nobody has broken or even dented any rules. Please don't anyone worry.
This is my cyber version of spring cleaning, or maybe just salving my vague guilt at being a most absent moderator. ;-) You're all good, mates. As you were. Carry on. *salutes*